Looking for a place of one’s own

In a workshop, guided by a professional artist, the participants mould a small self portrait (height approx. 10 to 15 cm.), which will later be cast in bronze in a foundry.

The aim of the self-portrait process is to have an insightful look at one’s identity and the attitude towards the world around us. The content of the workshop is designed by art and social work professionals, which guarantees a multi-dimensional, high-quality experience.

The sculpture is small, making it easier to hide in the environment. The small side is also a reminder of the ancient, hand-sized human figures, thus continuing a long-standing tradition.

The sculptures are made of bronze because the material endures outdoors and because it’s fairly easy to work with wax, but there have also been meaning-related considerations when selecting the material – bronze is a valuable and valued material, and the public bronze sculptures have traditionally been exclusively made by well-respected sculptors. Bronze sends a message of stability and appreciation, both of which we want to emphasize on each unique person and place.

A self-portrait moulded in wax
A self-portrait moulded in wax


Workshop’s implementation

Each participant succeeds in the workshop, thanks to proper warm-up, clear structure and professional guidance. The participants may feel timid when the moulding begins, but we will state loud and clear that anyone is skilled enough to make a self-portrait. Because we are all unique, our self-portraits will inevitably be individual as well, and that is the idea at the core of the workshop. The participants reflect on their identities using different tasks and mental models that are aimed to lower the threshold to participation, and take walks at where the sculptures are to be positioned.

Working with wax is easy and clean, which means a workshop can be organized almost everywhere, just as long as table and chairs are available. Arranging a suitable place will be the buyer’s task. The artist takes care of the necessary materials and the plastic covers.

There are variety of workshops designed for different kind of participants. The workshop can be open to all, or it can be aimed at a specific group (for example a group of colleagues).

At the end of the workshop the moulded wax is scanned with a 3D scanner, thanks to which new copies can be later made if necessary. The copies may come in handy in case a sculpture is destroyed and the route needs fixing, or if the self-portrait’s maker or their family wish to order their own copy of the sculpture. The self-portraits are later cast in bronze in a foundry. Our collaborator is Valusampo art foundry.