Hide and Seek Ltd (Piiloleikki Oy) is a Finnish company founded in 2017 by the sculptor and teacher Oona Tikkaoja. Involved in the company’s development is also Dr. Pol. Sc. Outi Linnossuo, a researcher, developer and teacher in child, youth and family work.

The company was founded thanks to the experience Tikkaoja had both in 2011, when she implemented, in collaboration with children of Turku, a Hide and Seek self-portrait route, contracted by the City of Turku, and in 2016, when the City of Turku contracted a playful sculpture PaPu from the team Andersson-Merimaa-Rättyä-Sundholm-Tikkaoja. The original Hide and Seek and PaPu have both been used in many ways and have received a lot of positive feedback, and that is why we want to create more Hide and Seeks and Hideouts all around the world.

Hide and Seek’s values:

  • Accessibility and inclusion
  • Presence in time and place
  • Appreciating uniqueness
  • Support to participation and doing together
  • Art’s and exercise’s effects on well-being
  • Social and material sustainability

Piiloleikki oy / Hide & Seek Ltd.
VAT number: 2815548-5
Located in Turku, Finland