Exercise without even noticing

The sculptures are permanently attached to an area determined before the beginning of the workshop (for instance an urban space, a recreational area or office premises), and from there they can be searched for with the help of a map. A map will be available both in printed form and as a digital version (explore the maps of the route in Turku). The buyer will be involved in both deciding where the sculptures are fixed and obtaining the necessary permits.

Hide and Seek, just as any outdoor game, gets people to exercise without them even noticing: when you are focused on the game, a physical strain goes unnoticed. An On-Site Stories route offers an easy way to have a fun outdoor day together.


Observing the environment

The customer’s community will get, along with the route, a guidebook on how to tap into the route’s tourism potential and tips on how to use it as a part of physical education classes, for example. The customer may also want different maps for one route: the grown-up of the family might want to follow a map that has information about the area’s history, architecture or nature, while the child might be more interested on a map offering athletic tips on how to find the sculptures.

The self-portrait sculptures function in the environment in several ways. When found by accident, they offer a chance for a cryptic, surprising encounter. When looked for with a map, they encourage to move and to look at the environment with a keen eye. When your eyes are focused on finding something small, they see other small details as well. The aim is to support presence at a time and a place: this unique sculpture can bee seen only here, only now. On the other hand the website brings all the physical places together and makes it possible to imagine also those routes which you yourself have not had the privilege of visiting.

You can also buy a route to a private space (eg. an office). These routes will be included in the online service’s atlas, and if the customer does not object, an occasional open day can be organized for those interested.


The map of the route in Turku (the layout is in accordance with city’s other route maps)