Making the On-Site Stories

In the art workshop the participants (eg. a school class, an open group) mould, under guidance of a professional artist, small self portraits, which are then cast in bronze. If the participants so wish, they can order a bronze casting of their own sculpture for themselves as well, while the original remains a part of the recreational route.

  1. The sculptures are hidden permanently in the neighbourhood, where you can search them with a map and at the same time conduct various environment-related and/or physical tasks. Each permanent route is a consistent, engaging and interactive artwork which attracts visitors to the area.
  2. All sculptures and routes are added to our website, thanks to which you can also collect routes from other cities. You can find additional material available for download from our website.
  3. Hide and Seek is a rare experience for the participants, as it allows them to leave their mark in the public space. The routes are permanent and open to all. Everyone can take part in Hide and Seek – our not so humble goal is to make a sculpture of every single person on this planet!

We offer support for those interested in finding a funding for their On-Site Stories, thus making Hide and Seek accessible to all kinds of organizations and communities.