On-Site Stories…

… offers fun time together 

… supports residents’ active engagement in the use and development of their own neighbourhood

… increases well-being by supporting engagement, self-knowledge, sense of community, positive atmosphere and recreational opportunities.

… is created in collaboration between different professionals and local people, which ensures the activities are effective and of high quality.

… is both a process and a permanent artwork. Both stages can be utilized both in communication and in the development process.

… creates a unique possibility for people and places to form a part of a wider entity in the online service’s atlas.

The result of each Hide and Seek Game process is a unique, permanent piece of engaging, interactive art, and each process is implemented keeping in mind the importance of doing together, and the healing powers of both art and exercise. In addition to these core contents, the buyer can determine whether they want to focus on regional, community or individual development.


Utilizing the Process

With small variations in emphasis,On-Site Stories can be a meaningful component in:

  1. Resident-engaging regional development
    The artwork’s production process can gain additional backup from diverse communication, which works as a conversation opener and helps in collecting residents’ opinions and views on the region under development. In addition to the actual moulding workshop, area’s residents can attend for example a future workshop.

For instance planning a new urban space, reshaping a neighbourhood, increasing an area’s appreciation, or utilizing an under-used urban space to its full potential.

  1. Strengthening the sense of community and engaging residents to a place
    Hide and Seek is a site-specific, permanent cultural act, which is made in collaboration and works as a supporting factor when wanting to engage residents to a community and a place. This aim gains further support when the focus is on the community-engaging planning of the entire process. Hide and Seek makes it easier to observe the environment with a appreciative gaze, both when producing and using the route.

For instance, supporting sense of community at a school or a workplace, improving a suburb’s cooperative tendencies, increasing regional appreciation, creating a sense of “ownership” of a place.

  1. As a tool for reflecting one’s identity and for appreciative encounters
    The workshop and producing a bronze sculpture includes a strong message of the fact that each unique individual deserves respect. The workshop can be delivered in various alterations – a lengthier process enables a deeper, more diverse take on one’s identity, but the short workshops are equally based on reflecting one’s persona and attitude towards the world.

For instance supporting youth’s identity building, offering a space for appreciative encounters, reflecting on one’s attitude towards the world.