An OnSite Storien Route can be implemented as

  • a material route, in which case small bronze (or other durable material) sculptures are permanently mounted in the selected area, indoors or outdoors
  • an immaterial route, in which case nothing will be added in the physical environment, but the content is visible on the mobile-optimized website

Hide and Seek Atlas can, with slight changes in emphasis, be used in various ways in regional development, in asserting identity and sense of community, and in encouraging people to exercise.

Our service is aimed at municipalities, companies and other communities with an interest in supporting both well-being and regional development.

Each unique ensemble is designed by a professional artist, in collaboration with local residents. Implementing a Hide & Seek Atlas route can thus be compared to acquiring a piece of public artwork and, on the other hand, also to projects that increase the user’s well-being, such as recreational areas and playgrounds. This makes Hide and Seek a perfect fit for when developing urban greeneries and urban image.


Hide & Seek Atlas for outdoors

The price for one sculpture is EUR 800-950 + VAT depending of the total amount of the sculptures in the route.

  • 1-20 participants, price EUR 950 / psc + VAT
  • Over 20 participants, price EUR 850/ psc + VAT
  • Over 50 participants, price EUR 800 / psc + VAT

Hide & Seek Atlas for indoors etc. in waiting areas

The indoors version is less expensive, because the need for the planning work is smaller and the mounting solutions can be more simple.

  • 1-20 participants, price EUR 700 / psc + VAT
  • Over 20 participants, price EUR 600/ psc + VAT
  • Over 50 participants, price EUR 500 / psc + VAT

The price includes everything necessary for a route’s implementation: workshop, materials, planning and implementing the route in co-operation with the client. Possible development work included in the process will be priced separately.

Hideouts’ prices are negotiated individually on each case, as both the work’s extent and chosen method of implementation affect the price.

The Partnership Model

Hide & Seek Atlas’ partnership model means that the representatives of Hide & Seek Ltd. work in close contact with the buyer during the entire project, starting with financial planning and ending with promoting the finished route’s visibility in chosen medias.

You can approach us also without a finalized financial plan. We will look into financial and funding options in collaboration with the buyer.

We offer complete operations models for instance for initializing collaboration with municipalities and local businesses.  We also facilitate campaigns that help individuals, for instance neighbourhood association’s active members, getting a Hide and Seek to their neighbourhood, and help with grant applications.

Partnership’s stages are:

  • Financial planning
  • Carrying out the workshop
  • Producing various map contents
  • Organizing opening ceremonies
  • Invocation guides and other additional material
  • Maintenance service: maintaining the sculptures and replacing them if necessary
  • Media visibility for the finished route
  • Maintaining the route at the online service