Join the search for hidden stories!

On-Site Stories is a network of small statues and stories which are hidden in public spaces and can be searched with a digital or printed map.

The statues are made in workshops with different communities and groups of people: residents of a city, school classes, seniors, work communities.

On-Site Stories are made together

On-Site Stories is an engaging, interactive artwork permanently placed in a public space. The route attracts people to the area and encourages them to move and to explore their surroundings.

On-Site Stories engages people in several ways – as debaters, as sculpture makers and as route users. Each project proceeds as follows:

  • An art workshop is organized, in which participants create stories, and possibly mould small self-portraits which are then cast in bronze. If the participants so wish, they can order a bronze casting of their own sculpture for themselves as well, while the original remains a part of the recreational route.
  • The route will be made in the On-Site Stories mobil-optimized website. Sculptures are permanently mounted in different locations in the neighbourhood, where they can be looked for using different maps.
  • The recreational experience can then be continued online, where you can find all the maps, alongside a collecting game.

Casting stories in bronze

Every person is full of stories. In an On-Site Stories Workshop we will find the suitable ones to be attached in the self-portrait sculpture. The selection is based on the theme and location of the project and naturally in the interests of the participant. The stories are available on our online service in multiple formats: text, sound and video files, and can be used while searching the sculptures outdoors.

Sculpture of every single person

On-Site Stories’ core values are bringing people and places together in mutual appreciation, and doing together. Everyone has the skills to make a bronze sculpture and everyone is important enough to model one.

Our not so humble goal is to make a sculpture of every single person on this planet!

Acquiring an On-Site Stories

We produce community-engaging art routes, art playgrounds and open spaces.

Our service is aimed at municipalities, companies and other communities with an interest in supporting both well-being and regional development. Hide & Seek Atlas can, with slight changes in emphasis, be used in various ways in regional development, in asserting identity and sense of community, as well as in encouraging people to exercise.

On-Site Stories is free for the individuals participating in the workshops and searching.

Each unique ensemble is design by a professional artist, in collaboration with local people. Choosing On-Site Stories can thus be compared to acquiring a piece of public artwork – and on the other hand also to projects that increase general well-being, such as recreational areas and playgrounds.

We provide also Hideouts, which are unique art playgrounds or open public spaces, designed by professionals and meeting security standards set by the EU.

From this website you can find more information on how to acquire your own route or playground, and what the work process is like. We offer support for those interested in finding a funding for their On-Site Stories Route, thus making participation accessible to various different organizations and communities.

Illustrations © Kiinnoste 2017
Photographs © Pekka Tallqvist & Oona Tikkaoja
Photographs display the sculptures from the 2011 route in Turku.